We are one of the world leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Probiotic and Enzymes, used in pharma, food, nutraceutical and  veterinary formulations.
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Herbal Extract
Bromelain Enzyme
Dry Yeast
Pharmaceutical Enzymes
Yeast Beta Glucan
Mannan Oligosaccharide MOS
Fructooligosaccharide FOS
Nutraceuticals & Food Supplement
Feed Supplement
Aqua Probiotic
Veterinary Medicine
Pharmaceutical Products
Mono Calcium Phosphate
Dicalcium Phosphate
Carnauba Wax
Bio Sourcing Enzyme
Food Extract
Decanoyl chloride
L-camphor Sulfonic Acid
Para Amino Methyl Benzoic Acid
Trimethyl Orthoformate
Hydroxyl Prednisolone Caproate
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